The Gamer’s Handbook: 5 Steps on How to Clean a Gaming Chair

The Gamer’s Handbook: 5 Steps on How to Clean a Gaming Chair - Cybeart

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Buying a gaming chair is an investment. If you don’t maintain it, you will lose your investment. Gaming chairs require a high-care regime, especially since you will be spending hours in one. 

Gaming chairs get a lot of use out of them because gamers spend hours strategizing, shooting, investigating, and driving in their video games. And that’s just when they’re gaming. They may also use their chair when working, streaming, and eating. One false move, while they’re exploring Night City and that drink, may end up all over their beloved gaming chair!

Holy housekeeping, Batman!

From stains to general maintenance, our Cybeart professionals will teach you how to clean your gaming chair the right way, even if you’ve lost your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.


Step 1: Check the Type of Upholstery

Most gaming chairs are made of Polyurethane (PU) leather, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) leather, mesh, or fabric. 

Note: PU leather and PVC leather are easier to clean than mesh and fabric. Cybeart’s gaming chairs are made from Proprietary PU leather that has experienced rigorous testing for superior comfort, scratch and abrasion resistance, and environmental protection. 

To find out what the material of your chair is, you can check the:

  • Chair label
  • Manufacturer’s instructions
  • Product listing

Step: 2: Dust and Vacuum

It’d be great if we had Superman’s X-Ray vision to see the areas that need cleaning. But since we don’t, the easiest way to get started with cleaning your gaming chair is to vacuum it. 

Mesh and fabric upholstery trap dust and other debris, such as food particles, in the seams, corners, and overall material. Use the regular attachment on mesh and add the brush attachment for fabric to avoid damaging it. A gentle rub with the brush will remove the particles lodged in the fabric.

Tip: Vacuum your chair every week to prevent particles from going too deep into the fibres, otherwise you will need to perform a deep clean. An even better alternative is to vacuum the chair after each session of use, especially if you were eating.   

For PU and PVC leather, your job is much simpler. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe it down. The static of the cloth is strong enough to pick all of the debris up. 

Step 3: Deep Clean the Upholstery

The care tag will direct you on how to clean a gaming chair; it saves users from having to be the World’s Greatest Detective to figure out what to do.

On your care tag, you will see one or two letters that explains what to use on the material:

  • S means you use only a solvent.
  • W means you use only water, although a small amount of mild dish soap won’t hurt.
  • S/W means you can use a solvent, water, or both together.

Solvent for Fabric Upholstery

  1. Make your solvent mixing the following ingredients and putting them in a spray bottle:
    1. ¼ cup of vinegar
    2. 400 ml of warm water
    3. 1 tbsp of detergent (below 40% concentration)
  2. Spray the chair, but not enough to soak it. The more liquid you use, the longer the drying time will be. Use a brush or a lint-free white cloth to scrub the fabric. 
  3. Rinse the chair with water.
  4. Make sure to place your chair in a warm environment for it to dry, but not so it’s in direct sunlight. Open windows to improve air circulation and prevent an odour from remaining in the room and seeping into the fabric.

Solvent for Mesh Upholstery

  1. Mix a solution of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Place it in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the mixture on a soft cloth and blot the material. 
  3. Do not scrub; instead, gently blot until it’s visibly clean.
  4. Allow the material to air dry away from direct sunlight. Open windows to vent indoor areas.


Solvent for PU and PVC Leather Upholstery

  1. Simply use the water based cleaner or just water and soak the micro-fibre cloth with it.
  2. Use the damp cloth and gently rub the leather to clean it.
  3. Let it dry or wipe it down with a dry micro-fibre cloth.

Step 4: Spot Clean Stains

Water or a solvent may not be enough to remove stubborn stains, but don’t worry. You don’t need to be an Amazonian to get them out. 

  1. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball.
  2. Blot the stain.
  3. Let it sit.

Tip: Always make sure that the liquid won’t damage the material by applying it on a small place on the underside of your chair.

This solution should remove tough stains, such as food, drink, sweat, and blood. This process should not be used every time you clean a gaming chair. It’s only for tough stains. Over time, the rubbing alcohol can affect the material.

Step 5: Clean the Rest of the Chair

The armrest, base, and frame are much easier to clean since they’re most likely made of plastic or another hard material. Mild detergent soap and water will have these parts looking brand new. You can apply the solution with a sponge or rag to get rid of dirt and other stains. Avoid streaks by drying the areas with a paper towel or a dry rag. It’s encouraged to also disinfect these areas.

To thoroughly clean a gaming chair, don’t forget the casters, which is the proper word for the chair’s wheels. A caster has a wheel and a bracket. 

  1. Remove the casters by hand; this can usually be accomplished with a small tug. 
  2. Place scissors next to the roller on the axle to cut tangled hair, threads, and dust. 
  3. Use tweezers to remove the loose debris. 
  4. Make sure to vacuum the area where your chair sits.

When you clean a game chair, do not pretend you’re the Flash, otherwise you could damage your chair. With the steps listed above and regular maintenance, your gaming chair will make every session comfortable while looking awesome.  

Extra Tips on Daily Care

Here are a few things to keep in mind whenever you use your gaming chair:

  • Keep your chair away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Inspect the chair for loose nuts and bolts.
  • Handwash cushions and pillows.
  • Cover your chair with a towel to prevent sweat stains.

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Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It?

You may think that the cleaning process above is a hassle, but anything as precious as a gaming chair deserves to be efficiently cleaned. Regular maintenance isn’t troublesome since you will have less to do each time. Moreover, regular maintenance is key to the longevity of your chair.

When considering the purchase of a gaming chair, it’s important to think about how much time you currently spend in front of a computer. And think about the pain you experience after a few hours. Whether you want a chair for the office or your Fortress of Solitude, we can answer your questions to help you determine whether or not a gaming chair is worth your money.

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