Ultimate Gamer Gift Guide 2021: PC Gamer Gifts for Every Occasion

Ultimate Gamer Gift Guide 2021: PC Gamer Gifts for Every Occasion

Some people don’t spend money on themselves, or they don’t know where to buy high-quality merch for their gaming needs. This is where you come in.

If you have a gamer boyfriend, girlfriend, or family member, you can make their Christmas, birthday, and other occasions much more memorable by giving them the best gifts for gamers!

Cybeart is the home of avant-garde pc gaming accessories that make for the perfect PC gamer gifts since we’ve invested in multiple technologies that ensure long-lasting products. Our team has prepared a list of gift recommendations that will blow your partner or friend’s mind . 

Gaming Accessories 

You might think that buying your loved one new video games is the perfect gift. It might be, if you know what they have in their collection. But sometimes your partner or friend may not tell you about every game they buy, so choosing accessories to complement what they have can make your life easier. Cybeart has many gift ideas. 


Gaming Chair

Gamers sit for hours in their chair gaming, working, and spending time on their hobbies. But if they don’t have a chair that provides them with support, they will experience back pain, develop poor posture, and experience other health problems over time.

In fact, if the gamer in your life doesn’t game as much as they want because their chair is uncomfortable, then it’s time to embark on a new frontier with a Cybeart gaming chair!

Level up with our cool Cybeart gaming chairs with features that answer a gamer’s every need:

  • A high backrest with lumbar support for the lower back
  • A memory foam head cushion to support the neck
  • Cold-cured foam that has strategically placed air pockets for added comfort and support
  • PU padded armrests that are multi-directional for optimal support
  • A multi-tilt mechanism for the seat and backrest that can be customized to each gamer’s preferences

Cybeart offers the DC collection of gaming chairs, ones that feature popular superheroes and the APEX series gaming chair as an exclusive product. After undergoing intense testing, all of our chairs for gamers are certified by TÜV SÜD and proven to last much longer than your standard leather. All of our durable, long-lasting gaming chairs come with an extended five-year limited warranty. 

Want more information? Feel free to get in touch with our team! We’re happy to help you pick out the perfect gifts for gamers. 


Gaming Phone Cases

Does the gamer in your life drop their phone a lot? When you buy them a phone case, don’t buy one that’s only aesthetically pleasing. Get them a gaming case that’s designed to also protect their phone.  

From Scooby-Doo to Friends to Mortal Kombat, Cybeart offers many themed mobile phone cases for fans. The beauty of our Pro and Impact series of phone cases is that they provide optimal drop protection with a fade-proof image of their favourite franchise characters.  


How do we do it? We use premium materials that have a high impact tolerance, which explains why our prices are a little more than the average cheap plastic case at Walmart. Our phone cases are the ideal accessory for gaming individuals. 

Cybeart’s phone cases are designed with raised bezels. They protect sensitive areas of the phone, such as the camera lens and screen, so when the phone makes impact, those areas aren’t affected. The next time your PC gamer is immersed in the action, they won’t have to worry as much when they accidentally knock the phone off the desk. 

Note: The Impact series includes a shock-absorbent inner case made of TPU rubber. If you know a PC gamer who is particularly clumsy and often damages their phone, this is the case for them! This Christmas, you'll not only give them a radical gaming phone case, you’ll give them peace of mind.

The raised bezels also ensure a non-slip grip when held in your hand. A flat phone case and skin don’t have that benefit. Additionally, many people carry their phones in their hands everywhere they go. Cheap phone cases and faux leather wallets fade over time with the frequent contact of a person’s natural skin oils. But with a Cybeart gamer phone case, the image will never fade because we use a 3D Vacuum Heat Transfer Sublimation process. 

You have plenty of gaming case options to choose from since our cases are compatible with phone models made by:

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Google
  • One Plus

Just ask someone close to the PC gamer about their phone model or casually drop it into a conversation and you’ll be golden! 


Gaming Mouse pad

A PC gamer also understands that a gaming mouse pad is an essential piece to completing a sick gaming area. And Cybeart offers some wicked gaming mouse pads for you to browse. 

When PC gamers are playing video games, especially sports, they need their mouse to react in time. We implemented technologies into our cutting-edge mousepads for them to:

  • Last longer
  • Experience less wear and tear
  • Provide less friction for better precision and perfect resistance
  • Be compatible with all kinds of computer mice
  • Have improved DPI tracking and control

Cybeart is dedicated to improving the gaming experience of all PC gamers. 


We have the Rapid series and the Aurora series. Both of them make for stunning gifts for gamers. They come in two sizes: Large (450mm) and XXL (900mm), so gamers can either have a pad for their keyboard and mouse or just the mouse. Other features that gamers will love include: 

  • Exclusive micro-woven cloth
  • Overlocked edge stitching that never frays
  • Anti-Slip natural rubber base that doesn’t carry an odour
  • Spill-Proof material

Since gamers can spend hours playing a video game, they most likely will have food at the desk, which means spills can happen. That’s why Cybeart mousepads (and our chairs) are made with spill-proof materials. A lot of R&D has gone into our products to make sure they are designed and manufactured with the best technologies that gamers need.

The distinction between the two series is that Aurora uses RGB LED lighting through BLAZE PC software. A PC gamer can customize the mousepad’s lightning modes, effect speeds, brightness, as well as profiles.  

A mousepad with RGB LED lighting heightens the game experience and makes for an amazing addition to any gaming setup. Gifts like this are sure to make you the cool aunt or friend who totally gets it. 

At Cybeart, you can find all kinds of fun and useful accessories for the gamer in your life. If you’re not sure about the type of accessory or franchise to get, then feel free to purchase Cybeart gift cards. 

Find the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One at Cybeart

Whether it is for Christmas, a birthday, or some other occasion, improve the gaming life of your loved ones with a high-end Cybeart gift.

Gamers appreciate the technologies behind our products and the myriad of features they are designed with. Whether they are a fan of Mortal Kombat, Bugs Bunny, IT, or even the Scooby Gang, our gifts make a difference. 

Start browsing our best gifts for gamers right here while taking advantage of our great deals! Need more information about our awesome products for gamers? Contact us!


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