Cybeart's Phone Cases - More than just casings for your Smartphones

Cybeart's Phone Cases - More than just casings for your Smartphones - Cybeart

Cybeart's Phone Cases - More than just casings for your Smartphones


In today’s world, we are able to access everything at the tip of our fingers because of smartphones. It is one thing to buy a smartphone and another to make sure it’s safe and sound while using. Smartphone cases are plenty in the market. But Cybeart’s Smart Phone Cases have an awesome USP.

 Cybeart phone cases

Two Series of Cybeart’s Phone Cases

Before exploring the USPs of Cybeart’s phone cases, it is essential to know that Cybeart’s phone cases come in two series. One is the Pro Series and the other is the Impact Series.

Pro Series

Pro series phone cases are light/snap cases that don't add much weight to your phone and maintain your device’s sleek look. While being that sleek, it is also shockproof.

Cybeart Pro Series Phone Case

Impact Series

The significance of the Impact Series is the presence of Impact Resistance with additional TPU Rubber Case. This TPU rubber case acts as a shock absorber leaving no damage to the case or the device.

Let’s walk through the USPs of  Cybeart’s Smartphone Cases now.

Cybeart Impact Series Phone Case


With the rise in global warming, the world is concerned about climate change and the factors that directly impact it. Keeping that in mind, Cybeart’s phone cases are made out of polycarbonate materials. The intrinsic qualities of polycarbonate make Cybeart’s phone cases fully recyclable at the end of their lifetime. The most important USP of Cybeart’s phone case is that it is eco-friendly.  

Excellent Design Transfer Process

Having landed a multi-year partnership with Hollywood’s Warner Bros, Cybeart gained the license to most of the intellectual property of WBCP such as DC Comics, Harry Potter, Mortal Kombat, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, and The Conjuring Universe. Having gained access to such prestigious resources, Cybeart started to develop phone cases after careful research. 

Design Transfer - 3D Sublimation Phone Case process

A 3D Vacuum Heat Transfer Sublimation Process is used to create Cybeart’s phone cases. An infrared heating machine and specialized ink are used to print phone cases with images that will never fade. The high-tech printers help to achieve an excellent printing process that makes sure that the phone cases are durable and offer vibrant colors that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The next USP of Cybeart’s phone case is that it uses an excellent design transfer process.  

Raised Bezels

Cybeart’s phone cases have raised bezels that act as screen protectors. The case will almost always absorb the impact first if the smartphone falls down. Ultimate protection for smartphones is ensured by the combo of impact-resistant materials and the screen-protector design. This is the next USP of Cybeart’s phone case. 

Gloss Finish

Quality aesthetics always play an important role when it comes to phone cases. In addition to the protective design and wonderful artwork, Cybeart’s special gloss coating gives a dazzling look to the smartphone cases. Premium touch, eye-catching finish, and exclusive feel are the next USPs of Cybeart’s smartphone cases.  

Enhanced Grip

Cybeart’s phone cases are a true work of art and can be rightly called - beauty and the beast. The reason for being addressed to be the beast is the presence of a slip-resistant layer. In addition to the gloss finish that highlights the artwork, the slip-resistant layer ensures that the users will always have a firm grip on their smartphones which is the next USP of Cybeart’s phone cases that makes it stand out.  

Additional TPU Rubber Protection Cover

Cybeart’s Impact Series phone cases feature an additional TPU rubber case underneath the impact-resistant case. The Impact Series is the best phone case to keep your phone safe as it is built for complete protection in all conditions. The added liner cushions your smartphone against the impact. It is built for users with rough and tough use which is the next USP of Cybeart’s phone cases.  

Impact Resistance and Shockproof Performance

Thanks to robust materials and a full-body design, Cybeart's phone cases are designed with maximum protection and performance in mind. This provides peace of mind by keeping the smartphones safe which is an important USP of Cybeart’s phone cases.  

Phone case Models and Brands

Cybeart’s phone cases come with an extended lifetime warranty and a 14-day return/refund policy. Cybeart’s unique phone case collection includes:

    Over 70+ variants of phone cases are available from the brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and One Plus. 

    Winding Up…

    In today’s scenario, all of us have smartphones in our hands and it is a mandate to protect them well. Cybeart’s phone cases are unique in many ways as mentioned above. There are regular inventory updates as well. Keep an eye on Cybeart’s phone cases as Cybeart’s Phone cases are more than just casings for your smartphones.


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