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Made for the Esports & Gaming Legends

Cybeart Exclusive RAPID and AURORA Series Mousepads.

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From the Brands that will make you Nostalgic

Dress up your devices with Cybeart PRO and IMPACT Series Phone Cases

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The Shining Knight of Arkham - Cybeart

The Shining Knight of Arkham

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
The Masked Vigilante - Cybeart

The Masked Vigilante

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
JL Flash Lightning Emblem - Cybeart

JL Flash Lightning Emblem

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Superman Shield Graphic - Blue - Cybeart
Flash in Action - Cybeart

Flash in Action

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Mad Love - Cybeart

Mad Love

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
JL Outline Art - Cybeart

JL Outline Art

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Dark Knight - Cybeart

Dark Knight

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Superman in Action - Cybeart

Superman in Action

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Batman & Catwoman - Cybeart

Batman & Catwoman

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Green Lantern - Villians - Cybeart

Green Lantern - Villians

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Harley Quinn with SideKick - Cybeart

Harley Quinn with SideKick

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Superman Character Art - Cybeart

Superman Character Art

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Joker - I'm Watching - Cybeart

Joker - I'm Watching

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Wonder Woman WW84 Poster - Cybeart

Wonder Woman WW84 Poster

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
The Rise of Aquaman - Cybeart

The Rise of Aquaman

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
The Dark Knight - Cybeart

The Dark Knight

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD
Batmobile Blueprints - Cybeart

Batmobile Blueprints

$39.99 CAD – $49.99 CAD


Trusted by The Best

Global brands including Cybeart make localization their mantra to tap into $2.6bn Indian gaming market.


Toronto-based Cybeart may be a new kid on the block but it's quickly made an impact with its best-in-class gear and a deal with Warner Bros

Games Radar +

Whether you know or are a hardcore gamer or you've simply picked up a Nintendo Switch to help you pass the time, these products might just be what you're looking for to upgrade your at-home gaming experience. There's nothing like supporting a local business and your posture simultaneously.

Narcity Media Canada

The most impressive brand debut in gaming chair history
On a technical and aesthetic level, these chairs are ultra-high-end.



Trust the Reviews from #CYBEARTSQUAD.
Brad Boyd

Too comfortable I love it so comfortable it puts me to sleep. Turning the arm rests when I'm in "serious" gaming mode is cool too..

Sourasith Souvannarath

Kids love it Amazing and easy to built. My first gaming chair and I might say, feels so good! Worth every penny

Katie Desroches

Great Chair! Chair is excellent! Very comfortable and good quality. Was easy to assemble as well. Company has great customer service too!

Daniel Blondin

This is what I call a good Gaming Chair. Love the chair it is a MUST BUY! Easy to assemble, shipping is fast!

Jorge Pellegrini

Great quality, Amazing design, Fast shipping. I have bought 3 chairs and 3 matching illuminated mouse pads all easy to assemble, superior materials than competitor.


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It’s not just a Chair, It’s a Lifestyle.

Aug 2020- Cybeart was founded and established in Toronto, Canada. With gaming/office chairs being the flagship product, Cybeart was incepted with a vision to revolutionize the industry with research-backed high-end products.

"After receiving an overwhelming response from our Canadian audience, we have rapidly expanded Cybeart into Middle East region and India. We are working hard to put Cybeart & Canada on the map by expanding into many new countries very soon." - Krutik Patel, Founder and CEO, Cybeart.


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