Myth-Busting: Do Gaming Chairs Make You Better at Gaming?

Myth-Busting: Do Gaming Chairs Make You Better at Gaming? - Cybeart

Whether you’re a Youtuber, a gamer, or an avid fan of Twitch videos, we’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of gaming chairs. For the last couple of years, gaming chairs have been the item to buy in the gaming industry. 

They have sleek designs and they’re hyped up for their comfort, particularly if you spend long periods of time in one. There are many reasons to buy a gaming chair, especially one made by Cybeart. But do gaming chairs make you better at gaming? Is that the real reason they’re so popular?

Our experts will break down this myth and explain what makes Cybeart the best gaming chair provider.

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Are Gaming Chairs Worth Buying?

Ever since gaming chairs started to be manufactured around 2006, they’ve been designed to look like race car seats. They have a sporty design, oftentimes featuring popular culture characters. Just like race cars, gamers and office workers can feel they’re part of a team, showing off with pride. What highly competitive and compassionate gamer wouldn’t want a Wonder Woman gaming chair as they play Cyberpunk 2077 or Paradise Killer?

A lot of merchandise that’s designed for gamers have a Tron-like aesthetic, which means gamers can often find a chair that matches their gaming colour scheme, whether it’s black and red, blue and yellow or some other combination. 

Aside from their cool look, there are many advantages to owning a gaming chair:

Back Support

Standard office chairs don’t offer an even distribution of support for your back or lumbar support. Gaming chairs are built with high backs and added padding, so you don’t experience back pain for however long you sit. The back of gaming chairs is shaped to match the human body and promote good posture.

You can also adjust the back of the chair and recline up to 165°, allowing for the occupants to sleep comfortably. The sea itself also has a tilting mechanism that allows the chair occupant to adjust it at a comfortable angle that allows their feet to remain flat on the floor. If your legs and feet are positioned differently, it can contribute to back pain.

Head Support

Gaming chairs come with a head cushion to ensure the neck stays straight. Adjusting the chair’s height will contribute to this by keeping your head eye-level with the monitor. If you find the added cushion is too much, it can easily be detached. 

Arm Support

Gaming chairs have adjustable armrests. While you can adjust the height like with a regular office chair, a gaming chair’s armrest can oftentimes be moved sideways and forward.

Gaming chairs do more than an office chair ever could. And when you purchase a premium gaming chair, like the ones offered by us, it lasts for many long and happy years.

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Why Get a Gaming Chair from Cybeart? 

Do you experience back pain from a normal sitting posture? Do you practice good habits?

Compared to office chairs, Cybeart’s gaming chairs are like a royal throne complete with ergonomic comfort.

PU Leather

Cybeart’s ergonomic gaming chairs are designed based on the king cobra’s hood, providing the ultimate comfort and lumbar support. Cybeart’s gaming chairs are made with superior PU leather that has undergone rigorous testing. Certified by TÜV SÜD, our gaming chairs can last for over 200,000 abrasion cycles, and it has a fleece lining, which means the leather will never wrinkle.

Cold-Cured Foam

The backrest has cold-cured foam with strategically placed air pockets, so occupants can enjoy a perfect mix of soft and firm comfort. Because it’s more firm than normal foam, it keeps its shape much longer. 

Strong Wheelbase

To support all of the awesomeness that goes into a Superman gaming chair (and our other models), the wheelbase is made to be durable and ensure proper support without the occupant experiencing injuries.


Shop for a High-End Gaming Chair

At the end of the day, gaming chairs cannot make you a better gamer since games require strategy, agility, team work, and practice. What Cybeart gaming chairs do, however, is make the experience ten times better by improving your overall health and wellness. 

So, if you game or work for hours, you should consider a high-end Apex gaming chair. It makes for an excellent long-term investment, provided that you clean it properly.

Find more gaming chair options by browsing our collections. 


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