World's First Ever Mortal Kombat Gaming Chairs from Cybeart

World's First Ever Mortal Kombat Gaming Chairs from Cybeart - Cybeart

Launching the World's First Ever Mortal Kombat Gaming Chairs, Mousepads & Phone Cases


Mortal Kombat Gaming Chairs


Cybeart has launched the World's First Ever Kollection of Mortal Kombat Gaming Chairs, Gaming Mousepads and Phone Kases in Kollaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Just as the movie is revealing the details, Cybeart is appealing the MK Fandom to GET OVER HERE and experience the Outer-Realm Comfort of the Cybeart Gaming Chairs!

Unleashing the wrath of their new Kombatants, Cybeart's adds the deadliest characters of Mortal Kombat universe such as Scorpion, Sub Zero, Lord Raiden and the new character Cole Young to their gaming product Kollection.

  • Scorpion Gaming Chair: Seeking vengeance, the product show flaming art of Scorpion, MK logo & his blazing Kunai,
  • Raiden Gaming Chair: God-like looks being powered with lightning - the product portrays Lord Raiden and Lotus Society emblem. 
  • Sub Zero Gaming Chair: Dominating looks of this chair comes from the armor embroidered on the front of the chair which is inspired by the actual costume of Sub-Zero in the movie. Art on the chair shows icy features & his ice-scepter
  • Cole Young: All eyes will be rolling onto this character who is new to the MK Universe and just like the character, it's a mystery chair from Cybeart. 


Mortal Kombat Mousepads


Your battle station will look empty without matching merchandise of Mortal Kombat. Enters Cybeart's Mortal Kombat Gaming Mousepads and Phone Cases. Mortal Kombat collection is the newest addition to Cybeart's e-sports grade gaming mousepads. Mortal Kombat mousepads features the same strength, durability & legendary tracking performance of Cybeart's Rapid and Aurora Series.

Invoke the warrior spirit in you and dress up your devices with the strongest phone cases secured by the might of the strongest MK Kombatants. Cybeart Phone Cases are available over 70+ devices and 2 models.


Mortal Kombat Phone Cases


Cybeart makes sure that the gamers are all geared up to put up their best fight in the battlefield.  Just as Mortal Kombat’s Fandom awaits to witness the epic fight by the MK Kombatants, Cybeart awaits to give an out of the world gaming experience to you all with the merchandise including the DC collection that are in store for you! 

What are you waiting for? GETOVERHERE and order your favorite Mortal Kombat Merchandise! 


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