Cybeart Affilate
Are you a gamer, streamer, youtuber, bloggers or influencer; fairly new or with a good following?
Start Earning Now with Cybeart Affiliate Marketing Program


Become a Cybeart Affiliate now

Sealing the deal with Cybeart as an affiliate means you become a part of our #CYBERSQUAD and start earning by referrals and/or even get full reimbursement on your chair purchase.

Pave the way to enhance the gaming experience among your followers. Promote Cybeart products through your social media or gaming channels andEARN UPTO 10%on each sale through your unique link or Coupon Code.

Keep doing what you are already doing while also generating a passive credible income source. Products visible during streams, overlay banners, links in your description, blogs etc. will contribute towards a passive sale.e.g., With a simple sale of 1 chair per day, you can earn upto$68 per dayor$2100 per month

*depending on product pricing at the time of sale*

Silver Tier


0 - 200 Orders

  • Join in Silver Tier and earn 5% Commission on each sale.
  • +
  • Full reimbursement on your chair purchase after 50 referred orders.

Gold Tier


201 - 500 Orders

  • Earn 8% commission on each referred sale after 200 referred sales.

Platinum Tier


Above 500 Orders

  • Earn 10% commission on each referred sale after 500 reffered sales.
  • +
  • Ability to create custom discounted coupon code for your audience. e.,g., "CYBEART" code to receive discount on chair purchase.


How does it Work?


Professionalize your social media profiles or your gaming channels. A good follower count and engagement ratio is always a plus.


Apply to the affiliate marketing program via the form below. Provide us links to your profiles.


Upon your approval, you will be provided with a unique trackable link which you can use on your channels.


Update your channels with overlay banners, photos, links etc. and promote the products to your audience.


For every sale through your link, you will earn 10% of the Net Sales. Commission will be paid to your paypal account 27 days after the month end.


Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the payment provided to us after 27 days?

The commission you earned via your sales is being held until 27 days after the month end because we have to cover those fees in case of return/refunds, chargebacks, fraud orders etc.

Do I get free products as an affiliate?

You do NOT get free products as an affiliate. Instead of simply sponsoring players by giving them product, we are actually providing them an income source through which they can easily compensate for their purchase via commission alone. Not to forget, with a good following base, you will be generating a steady income.

How can we know how much we have earned per month?

As an affiliate, you will be having access to your portal where can you see live reports about the number of sales, commissions earned etc.

Do I get assets from Cybeart?

Yes, Cybeart will provide you assets such as overlay banners, logo files, product photos and many more which you will be able to utilize on your profile. Please remember that Cybeart still holds the IP rights to all its assets and is only providing you to utilize them on your channel.