Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It? Answers to Your Gaming Chair Questions

Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It? Answers to Your Gaming Chair Questions - Cybeart

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These days there always seems to be a lot of buzz around gaming chairs. It seems like everyone is ditching their regular office chairs and buying gaming chairs instead. But high-end gaming chairs can come with hefty price tags attached. 

The question is: Are the benefits worth the cost? Are gaming chairs really worth it?

This short guide will explain some of the common questions surrounding gaming chairs, how they have become so popular and what to look out for if you set about buying a gaming chair in the near future.

How Did Gaming Chairs Become so Popular?

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The first gaming chair designed specifically for extended gaming sessions was brought to the market in 2006 by a company with a background in designing seats for luxury racing cars. 

Their racing-style chairs catered to a relatively small segment of the gamer market at that time, but the launch of the Twitch streaming platform a few years later quickly led to an explosion in the popularity of gaming chairs.

Streamers quickly identified the need to have an eye-catching setup for their viewers, as well as a comfortable seat for gameplay streaming sessions that could last for hours. Gaming chairs met both of those needs perfectly. 

Since then, streamers have become more numerous and more popular. The rush towards the use of gaming chairs started with this small crowd, but has now become much more mainstream.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth Buying?

man with short sleeves and tattoos playing on a laptopIf you were to ask either gamers or office workers if they find their gaming chairs worth buying, the answer would be an overwhelming yes. Why? There's more to their popularity than their flashy colours and striking designs. It comes down to comfort.

Whether for work or PC gaming, many of us spend hours a day glued to our computer screens. One of the factors to consider that explains why gaming chairs have become all the rage is that sitting for long periods of time is surprisingly hard on the body. 

As anyone who has spent a long time in an office chair would know, back and neck issues creep up over time, creating a slippery slope that can lead to long-term back pain and general discomfort.This is why a lot of people have made the switch to a gaming chair. 

A specifically designed computer gaming chair can dramatically lower the risk for lower back issues and other posture-related problems. And because of their ergonomic chair features like high-back support, gaming chairs help people maintain good posture throughout long hours spent in front of a screen.

Popular Gaming Chair Elements

The gaming chair market has grown dramatically over the last decade and we now see many manufacturers taking part in the industry. Although the fit, finish and materials will vary from company to company, gaming chairs share a number of common characteristics.


The most popular types of gaming chairs are the racing-style gaming chair, known to most simply as PC gaming chairs, as well as rockers (or pedestal) gaming chairs.

The most popular gaming chairs are made in the same tradition as the first generation of gaming chairs. Elements like a bucket-style seat, high backrest, adjustable armrests and a lumbar support pillow are ubiquitous.

A rocker chair is better suited to a console gaming experience than for use with a desktop computer setup. They have few adjustments and are designed to sit on the floor, supporting most of your body thanks to a cradle-inspired design. Pedestal-style chairs take all the elements of a rocker but sets them atop a pedestal base.


Although there are now many styles of gaming chair on the market, the vast majority are still cast in the same vein as the original racer-style seats. In general, they have a seat with a raised front lip and side cushioning, a winged backrest and a fixed headrest that help prevent back pain by promoting proper posture.

High-quality gaming chairs also have a number of adjustable components, like adjustable (or detachable) lumbar and head pillows, multi-directional armrests and a wide range of back recline.

Say Goodbye to Office Chairs

In the end, the short answer to the question of whether or not gaming chairs are worth buying is, if you spend time in front of a computer screen, yes, you should get a gaming chair. Ask anyone who owns one and they will tell you the same.

Traditional office chairs are on their way out because people are catching on to what gamers have known for a long time. Gaming chairs offer more comfort and support than you will ever get from an office chair. A great gaming chair is an investment you will never regret!


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