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Common Questions
How long does it take for delivery?

Provided that the items are in stock, they are shipped usually on the same day or a maximum of upto 48 hours. In the event if our shipping is going to delayed, we will contact you in advance. Cybeart holds no responsibility after shipping out from our warehouse. It is the sole responsibility of the carrier. We work with India's most trusted carriers for our courier services. They usually deliver with 1-2 business days in major cities and upto 7-10 days elsewhere.

Is the shipping chargeable?

Shipping is absolutuely free and Cybeart covers up to INR 2500 in shipping costs. If the location is remote and there if shipping costs exceeds INR 2500, Cybeart will contact you to confirm the extra shipping cost.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to India, Canada and Middle East countries for now. Please reach out to us or visit dedicated website for the countries to shop in your region.

Do you guys sponsor or have affiliate marketing?

We do have an affiliate marketing program in place to support content creators. You can head over to our affiliate marketing page and sign up for the program. You will be provided a unique link or a coupon code which can further be posted on your profiles, in-stream banners etc. You will earn 5-10% on every referral made via your unique links or coupon codes.

Are there any discounts for bulk purchases or custom orders?

Most definitely, Please reach out to us at cs@cybeart.in or go to filing out the Corporate Inquiry form. The team will get back to you with further information.


Gaming Chairs
What is the weight limit for Cybeart's Apex Series Chairs?

The Apex Series chairs features BIFMA certified class 4 hydraulics with higher weight limit. We recommend the maximum user weight of 135 Kg or 300 lbs. Our chair will be suitable for anyone with height raning from 5'5" to 6'8".

What is Cybeart Supreme Leather and is it better?

Cybeart's Supreme PU Leather is one the best kind of PU leather. It is custom made by keeping durability and luxury both in mind. It is 10X more stronger and durable than the industry standard PU leather. 3D PU Fibres under the leather helps in air circulation and keeps leather & your body cool.

Our leather is certified by TÜV SÜD to last more than 200,000 Abrasion Cycles. All the tests are carried out by keeping environmental factors into consideration such as Humidity, perspiration or body sweat, color fastness to light & rubbing etc.

Are there any health benefits to this chair?

Absolutely. The chair you sit on will have a massive effect on your posture. Unlike other chairs, we use Cold cure foam for our seats. It is a special foam which is little firmer than regular foam and more comfortable. It has strategic placements of air pocket which will stop you to sink in to the chair. This combined with our inbuilt adjustable lumbar support will help you maintain your spine's natural alignment. In a long run, it is definitely worth it.

Do you make custom chairs?

At this time, we do not accept any custom chair orders unless they are for a bulk quantity (Minimum Order Quantity 50 Chairs). We may accept the order for lesser amount however, the price maybe slightly higher.


Gaming Mouse Pads
What is the cleaning process for the mousepad and is it washable?

The mousepad is spill or water-proof as a result of our exclusive Micro-Woven Cloth. However, we do not recommend washing the mousepads. We encourage you to just wipe the mousepad with a slightly damp cloth and that should fulfil your purpose.

What is the material of mousepad and is it odour-free?

Our mousepads are made from industry certified natural rubber. As we use the highest grade of rubber for manufacturing, our mousepads are completely odor-free unlike the majority of the mousepads which stinks for days with that rubber smell.

Is the lighting mode changeable in the Aurora Series LED?

Yes, the lighting modes are completely customizable. You can either use the button on the controller which helps in changing the light mode or you can use the BLAZE PC Software exclusively made for Cybeart Mousepads. It offers a big range of customizations to the mousepad's lighting modes and as well as its colors.

Can the mousepads be rolled up and carried for easy transportation without any wear and tear?

Yes, the mousepads can easily be rolled up and carried for transportation. They are very flexible and soft. In fact, when we ship it you, it will arrive in rolled up condition. So, we guarantee that there will be no wear and tear while rolling up.


Phone Cases
Are the phone cases scratch-resistant?

Cybeart Phone Cases are scratch resistant only upto an extent and depends on the usage of the user. There are never any deep sratches but only minor (almost invisible) ones which happens due to normal usage such as friction of the case while it slides down up and down the pocket. So, we do not warrant scratches in any way. We suggest to keep phone cases away from sharp edges and keep them separate in the pockets without any keys or other accessories.

Are the phone cases hard or soft?

Cybeart Pro and Impact series are both hard or tough cases and not soft like silicon. Both are designed for rough and tough use.

What is the difference between Pro and Impact Series?

Cybeart Pro Series comprises of the snap cases which are slim and makes it easy to slide in your pocket or handbag. Cybeart Impact Series comprises of the tough cases with an additional TPU rubber case. It has 2 layers for extra durability and protection.

Are the designs printed on the edges too?

Yes, our designs are printed all over the case including the edges. They are printed through a special sublimation process which ensures that the design printed on the case never fades away. So, we provide lifetime warranty for the designs printed on the case.

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