Does a Phone Case Protect the Screen?

Does a Phone Case Protect the Screen? - Cybeart

Many smartphone owners are on the fence about which product offers the best phone protection, especially regarding the screen. Among the solutions are screen protectors, wallet cases, and phone cases, but which one provides the most benefit? 

The Cybeart team has broken down the pros and cons of these options to help you to answer the question: “Does a phone case protect the screen?”.

Phone Case Alternative: What are Screen Protectors?

A screen protector is a sheet of plastic that is pre-cut to fit the shape of your device. It needs to be applied flatly and cleanly, so make sure that you use a microfibre cloth to clean the glass screen and apply some soapy water to the protector before placing it on the device. 

Screen protectors available for purchase come in several varieties from tempered glass to Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Like the technology they shield, different protectors were designed better as time went on. Tempered glass is one of the older models and is, therefore, an inexpensive option.

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Do You Really Need a Screen Protector?

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, a screen protector is not entirely useful or worth the money these days since a cell phone’s display, nowadays, has a strong Gorilla Glass screen. 

According to the online magazine How-To Geek, smartphones that were made after 2013 have a high scratch resistance, thanks to Gorilla Glass that is made from harder metal than keys and coins. 

Display protectors present several issues:

  • If they are not properly placed over the phone’s display, you will be stuck with wrinkles and bubbles.
  • Screen protectors can become discoloured over time.
  • They can become scratched by items, such as keys, when the screen would not have been affected.

All of these issues reduce visibility.and negatively impact the user’s experience with the phone. Many people live with a worn-out protector or they keep buying replacements, which is money that could be used towards something more practical.

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Phone Case Alternative: What are Wallet Cases?

Wallet cases are made from polyurethane (PU) leather that include a case for the phone and credit card slots. They can be designed in a book format with a cover and magnetic strap or as a fabric-like phone case with the slots on the back. 

While a wallet case combine a two-in-one feature, so you don’t need to carry as much while travelling, they have several disadvantages:

  • Most cases are made cheaply and without raised bezels, so if you drop your phone, the impact could cause the screen to crack.
  • Wallet cases are bulky, so you can’t easily slide them into a pocket or purse easily.
  • If you lose the wallet case, you lose both your phone and your valuable information on your cards. 

For optimal cell phone protection, we recommend our Pro and Impact Series.

What is the Best Way to Protect Your Phone Screen?

People can easily reduce damage to their phones by investing in our Pro and Impact series of cases. They enhance your phone’s design with superior screen protection due to the raised bezels that take the impact instead of sensitive features, such as the lens. They also ensure that users have a good grip on their device.

Our cases are the cost-effective solution you need. Instead of running to the store every month for more display protectors, our durable phones cases last for many years. Our Impact series of cases features a shock-absorbent inner case made of TPU rubber to prevent cracking.

Phones are a valuable asset that we use every day. Some people even claim that their life is in their phone, so do what you can to prevent damage to them.


Protect Your Phone with the Most Durable Cases on the Market

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Because we know how much it sucks to have a phone case that fades over time, Cybeart uses a 3D vacuum heat transfer sublimation process to ensure that the images look brand new for your entire lifetime. No joke! We even provide a lifetime guarantee.

So, browse our selection to protect your phone’s future today!


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