Gaming Chair Buyer's Guide: What to Look for and Where to Buy Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chair Buyer's Guide: What to Look for and Where to Buy Gaming Chairs - Cybeart

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Although everyone might be clamoring for the latest and greatest piece of PC hardware, there are easier (and cheaper) ways to elevate your gaming. To achieve an immersive video game experience at a reasonable price, the right gaming chair is all you need. Could it really be so simple? Yes! Why? Because comfort is key.

Gaming Chairs - What to Look for


Even if you have the best computer hardware, software, and video game titles, they will be hard to enjoy if you aren't comfortable. 

Thanks to their ergonomic design, lumbar support, and firm-yet-comfortable padding, Cybeart's gaming chairs are built to let people enjoy hours and hours of comfortable gaming with a design that allows for the most immersive experience. 

If you have been planning on buying a gaming chair, either as a treat for yourself, as a gift for the gamer in your life, or for an upgrade to your office chair, this short guide will provide the essential information on what to look for and where to buy gaming chairs in Canada.


Racing-style gaming chairs have become so popular that they are known to most people simply as gaming chairs, but there are other types available on the market. Rocker-style gaming chairs are popular with console gamers because they sit directly on the floor and are designed for use with both hands on a controller. But for PC gamers, rocker chairs simply aren't up to the task.

Rather than something in the rocker style, a gaming chair with a racing pedigree is the best way to go. 

Although there are now many styles of gaming chair on the market, the vast majority have a seat with a raised front lip and side cushioning, a winged backrest, and a fixed headrest. These elements work well together because they keep you comfy while providing your body a slight challenge, which helps you maintain good posture over long periods of time.


Finding the right ergonomic gaming chair for your needs is a matter of making sure that the model you are eyeing has all the right features. To make sure your gaming chair of choice will live up to the task, make sure it has the following features:

  • Adjustable (or detachable) lumbar pillows
  • Adjustable (or detachable) head pillows
  • Multi-directional armrests
  • Proper lumbar support and a high degree of back recline
  • A solid base and sturdy wheels
  • Easy height adjustments and back adjustments

APEX Signature Edition Gaming Chair

Cybeart's APEX gaming chair makes it easy to find a comfortable body position, no matter how long your online gaming session lasts. With a racing-inspired design, this chair has the right ergonomic support to protect your back throughout hours of high-intensity gaming - a tall order for even the best office chair. 

The Cybeart APEX gaming chair is a step above the rest. These chairs can be dressed up with themes from some of the most popular superhero brands and provide the following features:

  • Supreme Leather - Certified by TÜV SÜD to last more than 200,000 abrasion cycles, the polyurethane (PU) leather on APEX gaming chairs is far more durable than the industry standard to provide unmatched longevity.
  • Superior Construction - The specialized materials and patented design elements of Cybeart's APEX line work together to create a superior fit, finish, and feel. Strongly resistant to scratches and abrasions, the PU leather is supported by a fleece lining that allows for improved flex but will never wrinkle.
  • Complete Back Support - Gaming chairs save your body from the strain associated with sitting for extended periods. The adjustable lumbar support and headrest protects your entire back by keeping your spine in its natural alignment.
  • Incredible Comfort - By using a cold-cured foam material in the seats and backrest, Cybeart's chair design incorporates strategically placed air pockets that reduce wear and tear and help the cold-cured foam that finds the perfect balance between firm and soft, while keeping its shape for years and years.
  • Versatile, Padded Armrests - The premium leather padding on the 4-dimensional adjustable armrests helps give the APEX series a luxurious feel. Designed with grooves that will hug your elbows and provide perfect arm support, the armrests are one of the more important features. The 4-dimensional armrests are adjustable in any direction to promote proper alignment and good ergonomic positioning. The wide range of adjustments makes it easy to find the perfect position for any body type.
  • Easily Adjustable Back Support - With a back that can recline up to 165° and a seat that can tilt up to 30°, an APEX series chair is built to adjust to customer preferences. Thanks to the adjustable tilt tension knob, you can lock this gaming chair at the angle you like best or let it act like a rocking chair.
  • Memory Foam Pillow - All Cybeart chairs come with a complimentary premium memory foam pillow that can be easily attached with an elastic strap. With the velvet plush cloth and the perfect softness of memory foam, Cybeart's memory foam pillows take your comfort to the next level.
  • Effortless Height Adjustment - The seamless seat height adjustment provided by the BIFMA-certified heavy-duty class 4 gas lift makes it easy to safely adjust this gaming chair for people of any size or weight.
  • BIFMA-Certified Base and Wheels - Thanks to padded XL 75mm wheel casters on the BIFMA-certified 700mm reinforced aluminum base, APEX chairs will not damage your floors, no matter how much weight they bear.

Exclusive Themes from Cybeart

comic book stand with Batman, Superman, Aquaman and other titles


Through Cybeart's exclusive licensing deal, Canadian shoppers can get their gaming chairs decked out in officially licensed themes of their favorite franchises. Ranging from Batman's stark black to Superman's iconic red and white, these super hero designs will help you play like you have super powers!

Batman Gaming Chair

One of the most iconic fictional characters in the world, Bruce Wayne has dedicated his life to an endless crusade, a war on criminals. He is Batman. A playboy billionaire by day, this black-clad avenger's double life affords him the comfort of a life without financial worry.

Now you can settle in for long gaming sessions and fight criminals like Batman, all while enjoying a comfortable black-and-grey gaming chair befitting Bruce Wayne, in a Batman gaming chair.

Superman Gaming Chair

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive… Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. The last survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, raised in the quiet heartland of Smallville, Kansas, the Man of Steel is the ultimate symbol of truth, justice, and hope.

Set up your battle station with a throne worthy of Kal-El's fortress of solitude, get your Superman gaming chair in iconic red and blue!

Wonder Woman Gaming Chair

As beautiful as Aphrodite, as wise as Athena, but swifter than Hermes and stronger than Hercules, Princess Diana of Themyscira, better known to the world as Wonder Woman, is a beacon of hope who fights to protect the world from all forms of injustice.

When you get a Wonder Woman gaming chair emblazoned with her distinctive blue and gold, channeling her strength and compassion will help you conquer any challenge!

The Flash Gaming Chair

Since the days of World War II, The Flash, also known as the Fastest Man Alive, has been using his powers to save lives and defend others, which made this blindingly-fast man in red a cornerstone member of both the Justice Society and the Justice League.

If you are looking to lay down speed runs worthy of the Fastest Man Alive, getting The Flash gaming chair is a great way to start!

Aquaman Gaming Chair

Monarch of the undersea realm of Atlantis and King of the Seven Seas, Aquaman is one of the most powerful DC Super Heroes—commanding a kingdom that covers three-quarters of the Earth’s surface. A founding member of the Justice League of America, Aquaman has fought alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and held his own against the biggest threats the universe has ever seen.

When you get an Aquaman gaming chair, it comes with a striking white, teal and gold colour scheme to make a throne that is worthy of the King of Atlantis!

The Best Place to Shop: Cybeart Online!

Keyboard with shopping cart image on "enter" key


Instead of lining up at a store, the best place to shop for Cybeart products is from the comfort of your own home! 

Online shopping has never been easier or more secure, and it allows anyone in Canada equal access to choose the best gaming chair products available. When you browse the brands in our online store, you will find all the information you need, and our staff is always there to answer customer questions.

As one of the top brands in the industry, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Any Cybeart customer benefits from a 5-year limited warranty and has up to 60 days to return an item for a refund. Shipping from Toronto, Ontario to anywhere in Canada, any Cybeart items you order can be promptly delivered from coast to coast to coast.


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