Do You Need a Gaming Mousepad?

Do You Need a Gaming Mousepad? - Cybeart

Do you need a gaming mousepad?

Do you need a mousepad for gaming?

There is a saying which goes like this, ‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ which explains the significance of even the smallest of all things. Gaming Mousepads may not seem to be a must-have for starters, but, the significance of having a good Gaming Mousepad, though it might be considered a small add-on, will definitely pay-off once you start experiencing the benefits it has to offer. The word, ‘Gaming Mousepad’, does imply that the main target audience is Gamers, but, it doesn’t stop with just Gamers. As the advantages of good gaming mousepads are humongous, let’s see how a good gaming mousepad; especially Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepads comes in handy for both common folks and gamers alike.


Cutting Edge Technical Design Factors that gives Gaming Mousepads an upper hand

When discussing in general, gaming mousepads offers the following technical benefits:
  1. Better DPI tracking and control; compatible with all kinds of mice.
  2. Less friction for more precision and perfect resistance to stop the mouse when you want it to.
  3. Larger surface area for the low DPI players  
  4. Increases longevity with lesser wear and tear.

Gaming mousepads are designed especially to provide the above-mentioned benefits to both the gamers and common folks alike.  Gamers playing serious esports will appreciate these technical design factors a lot because it does make a huge difference when it comes to having the best gaming experience. 

How is Cybeart’s Mousepad different from the others?

Cybeart is a place where Gamers Gear Up. Given the fact that the founder himself is a hardcore gamer, he put in a lot of effort to make sure that his fellow gamers whom he endearingly calls #Cybersquad, get the best gaming experience. A lot of R&D was put in, to design the perfect gaming mousepad that will elevate their gaming experience.

Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepads comes in two series. One is the Aurora Series and the other is Rapid Series Gaming Mousepads. While the majority of the features are the same in both the series, the one thing that differentiates them is that Aurora Series is the RGB LED version and Rapid Series is the overlocked stitched edge version. Both the series offers cutting edge technology features and to provide maximum mouse tracking area, both of Cybeart’s gaming mouse pad lines are available in two sizes:

  1. Large (450MM)
  2. XXL (900MM)

All mousepads

In addition to the availability of two sizes, the following technical specifications make Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepads stand out:
  1. Legendary Micro-Woven Cloth
  2. Reinforced Stitched Edge
  3. Esports Grade Never Slip Base
  4. Spill-Proof Surface
  5. Premium RGB LED Lighting
  6. Made From Highest Grade Natural Rubber - 4mm thickness
  7. Industry Leading 1 Year Warranty

1. Legendary Micro-Woven Cloth

    When it comes to gaming, better tracking, and control nudges the gamer to stay ahead of the game. High thread count and the smooth surface of Cybeart's exclusive micro-woven cloth is optimized for both high and low DPI tracking movements. Thus Cybeart’s Legendary Micro-Woven Cloth provides the ideal gaming mousepad an edge-to-edge tracking surface and ensures flawless functionality, for both Optical and Laser mice.

    2. Reinforced Stitched Edge

    To facilitate long-term durability, Cybeart’s Aurora and Rapid Series gaming mouse pads come with overlocked edge stitching that never frays. A firm high-density reinforced stitching covers the edges of a Rapid Series gaming mousepad and the Aurora Series gaming mousepads and are secured with durable nylon thread that fastens the LED lighting and prevents fraying or distortion at the edges.


    3. Esports Grade Never Slip Base

    The combination of micro-woven cloth and the anti-slip rubber base makes sure that you never miss that flick shot during those competitive matches. This provides the gamers an upper hand in gaming, thus imparting the highest industry standard available.

    Cybeart Gaming Mousepad Never Slip Base

    4. Spill-Proof Surface

    Thanks to Cybeart’s highly durable micro-woven cloth, the gaming mousepads are absolutely spill-proof and will resist any kind of liquid. Cybeart’s gaming mousepad also offers flawless tracking and gives a stunning look that will not fade over time. 


    5. Premium RGB LED Lighting

    Cybeart’s high-diameter LED tubes on the Aurora Series mousepads support 16.8 million colors and can also be adjusted according to the gaming ambiance through Cybeart's BLAZE PC software. Cybeart's BLAZE PC software facilitates complete customization of the mousepad lightning modes, effect speeds, brightness, profiles, and much more.

    Cybeart RGB LED Gaming Mousepad

    6. Made From Highest Grade Natural Rubber - 4mm thickness

      Unlike the ordinary mouse pads that has the foul artificial rubber smell the moment you open them, Cybeart’s mousepads use the highest grade natural rubber eliminating that smell while also increasing its durability and longevity. The extra 4mm thickness provides you comfortable gaming increase by the soft pillow-kind feeling on your wrists.


      7. Industry Leading 1 Year Warranty

      Another unique aspect that makes Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepads stand out is the Industry Leading 1 Year Warranty. Unlike others, Cybeart trusts the quality, durability, and longevity of the mousepads and thereby provides warranties over and above the industry standard. 

      Cybeart Mousepad 1 Year Warranty

      The above-discussed unique features fulfill the desires of gamers and thus make Cybeart’s gaming mousepads different from the other mousepads in the market. Not only the gamers will appreciate these USPs, but even the common folks who use Cybeart’s mouse pads will feel the difference for sure.


      Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepad Design

      Cybeart mousepads are not just for this durability and functionality but also for their striking looks as well. Check out Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepad collections from the world of DC Comics, Mortal Kombat, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and IT. 


      Cybeart All Gaming Mousepads


      A lot of R&D has gone into designing Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepads. Between the durable surface, non-slip backing, and quick-cleaning, spill-proof material, Cybeart’s gaming mousepads will stand the test of time. Check out Cybeart’s Gaming Mousepad collection here, get it, use it and feel the difference for yourself. 


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