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Do Phone Cases Work? - Cybeart

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So, you bought a new phone. Should you get a screen protector, a phone case, both, or neither?

Smartphone owners are divided about this topic. It all depends on your preferences and how often you drop your phone. Some people swear by their screen protector while others want to save money and forgo the protection, thereby living with a cracked screen.

If you’ve been asking yourself: “Do phone cases work?”, you’re in the right place. Ours do! As owners of smartphones ourselves, we find that having protection just in case is better than nothing. And our cases look awesome while doing their job

Why You Should Use a Case

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According to Statista’s 2018 findings on the common causes of accidental smartphone damage, the top four ways Americans accidentally damage their smartphones is by:

  • Dropping it on the ground (74%)
  • Having it fall out of their pocket (49%)
  • Dropping it in water (39%)
  • Knocking it off a table or counter (38%)

Because people grow so attached to their smartphones, these scenarios could happen any day. 

The New York Post reports that a 2019 survey taken by 2,000 Americans revealed that 52% of them are always worried about damaging their phone. The average American experiences six “heart attack moments” per week where they saved their phone from damage at the last minute.

That’s no way to live.

Whether you’ve experienced heart attack moments or have already damaged your phone, we encourage smartphone owners to buy a case, especially one that has optimal protection.

Of course, if you choose not to buy a case, there are alternatives. You could spend a hefty amount on insurance. You could also purchase screen protectors, but they may not do much to protect your phone since manufacturers got smart and now make phones with tougher glass. Not to mention that screen protectors don’t offer much protection in the first place because they’re made to protect the screen and nothing else. 

A phone case, on the other hand, is an affordable product that protects all of your phone. You just need to buy the best one.

What Cases Protect Your Phone the Best?

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We don’t want to toot our own horn—actually, we do! We have the greatest phone cases because they are designed with protection in mind. The Cybeart experts know that many people around the world are prone to damaging their phone, so we make cases with advanced technology for high-quality, complete protection.

Pro Series and Impact Series

Smartphones are valuable tools that deserve proper care. Our Impact series and Pro series cases offer the best drop protection because they are made with your phone’s design in mind:

  • Raised bezels guarantee that sensitive areas, like the camera lens and screen, won’t make contact with the ground.
  • Our cases have a glossy finish, but the raised bezels let you keep a firm grip on the phone that you can’t get with a flat case or skin.
  • We make our products with durable materials, so they have a much higher impact tolerance than cheap plastic. They’re also resistant to scratches. In other words, our products are a cost-effective solution.

With the addition of a shock-absorbent inner case made of TPU rubber, the Impact series is a popular option for people who suffer from anxiety over damaging their phone.

Most phone owners love a unique case that shows off their personality or displays their favourite characters. Cybeart offers Friends phone cases, DC superheroes, Mortal Kombat phone cases, and much more, including (almost) everyone’s favorite theme, Harry Potter phone cases.   

But what makes our cases different?

Our phone cases will never fade! We mean it! Your average phone wallet fades over time because of the frequent contact with your hands’ natural oils. But Cybeart uses the highly advanced method of 3D vacuum heat sublimation.

Shop for the Top-Quality Protective Phone Case on the Market


Whether your gaming gets out of hand or you’re juggling too many things at once, Cybeart smartphone cases ensure that your phone survives the impact without a scratch. We make cases for many phone models by:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • One Plus
  • Samsung

Check out our premium selection of phone protectors and gain peace of mind, or contact us!


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