WORK FROM HOME? All you need to know about Office Chairs vs. Gaming Chairs

WORK FROM HOME? All you need to know about Office Chairs vs. Gaming Chairs - Cybeart

Are Gaming Chairs a better choice for Work From Home?

If there is one thing that the 2020 pandemic brought to the limelight, it would be the culture of ‘Work From Home’. COVID-19 pandemic challenged us to save our lives by staying inside our homes and that affected the normal office-work culture adversely. Though many sectors of the industries took the hard-hit, the IT industry and industries that could keep working from home had to keep functioning. 

Work from home culture was embraced amidst the pandemic and it was not all sunshine though. A shallow glance at ‘work from home’ might portray it to be all glamorous and dream to be true, but only upon digging deep will the challenges come into the picture. In this article, let’s explore the ergonomic challenges of work from home and how gaming chairs prove to be a reliable solution to orthopedic issues. 

Work from home - The need for ergonomic chairs

Work from home culture already existed prior to the pandemic, but the pandemic launched that mode of work as an official alternative mode of work in our society. Initially working from home was all rainbows, but when that became the new normal immediately, it did start posing challenges. Not everyone’s home was well equipped with all the resources required to work professionally. 

Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair


Though it may be pointed out that ‘work from home’ just needs a computer/laptop with a good internet connection, it wasn’t that simple. The ambiance in the office came in with the ergonomic requirements starting from a suitable table, chair, accessories, etc. Even if everyone had those in their homes, when it came to a proper table and chair equipped to work long hours, that is where the pressing issue originated.  

For longer, comfortable and healthy sitting, the vast majority of professionals pivoted to gaming chairs instead of office chairs. Amazon analytics showed purchases of gaming chairs increased by 230% during the first month of pandemic itself. 


Office Chairs vs Gaming Chairs

Though office chairs offer professional comfort, it did come with limitations. Anyone who has used both the office chairs and gaming chairs will point out that gaming chairs are definitely more comfortable for long hours of healthy sitting when compared to the office chairs. The reason is simple but important to be noted. Gamers typically spent 7-10 hours straight while playing video games and taking the long duration of sitting into account, gaming chairs were designed to keep the gamers physically comfortable so that they could solely concentrate on their gameplay.


The ergonomics of gaming chairs were inspired by racing and luxury car seats. A lot of R&D went into the designing aspect of gaming chairs. Carefully tailored to meet the demands of the gamer, gaming chairs provide maximum comfort to the user. A fresh look at the gaming chairs from the long working hours aspect will definitely make gaming chairs the ultimate go-to for increased productivity, be it work or gaming. 

Why go for Gaming Chairs?

Similar to other commodities, gaming chairs too come in cheaper and premium versions. Premium Gaming chairs such as Cybeart’s APEX Series are specially designed to provide comfortable and healthy sitting experience. The anatomic features of a typical gaming chair are:


    1. High Ergonomic Padded Backrest 
    2. Hooded Shoulder Support
    3. Premium PU Leather
    4. Cold Cured Foam Seat 
    5. Neck Pillow/Memory Foam Pillow
    6. 4D PU Padded Adjustable Armrest
    7. Inbuilt Adjustable Lumbar Support
    8. Multi-Tilt Mechanism with 165° Recline and 30° Tilt
    9. Reinforced WheelBase with 360° Swivel
    10. Heavy Duty Hydraulics for Height Adjustment

    High Padded Backrest

    High padded backrest facilitates full support for the head, back, neck and shoulder. Cybeart chairs’ backrest is inspired by King Cobra’s hood and designed with natural ergonomics in mind. This helps in maintaining a good posture throughout the long hours of work by supporting the entire spine.

    Premium PU Leather

    If you buy an expensive chair, you want it to look expensive and maintain those looks over the years. A lot of cheap chairs have leather which starts peeling off or fades after a year or two. Companies such as Cybeart have their engineered leather called Cybeart Supreme PU Leather. It is tested and certified by the top industry standard institution TÜV SÜD to last more than 200,000 abrasion cycles, giving the chair outstanding longevity. It is 10 times stronger than the regular PU leather which usually lasts only 20,000 cycles.

    In addition to abrasion cycles, all the tests are carried out by keeping environmental factors into consideration such as long-term colour fastness to light & rubbing and resistance to moisture from sources such as humidity, perspiration or body sweat, color fastness to light & rubbing etc. In every category, the results are the same. Cybeart's Supreme PU Leather outperforms the competition.


    Cold Cure Foam Seat

    Cold Cured Foam Seat | Gaming Chair
    Cold cure foam seat is one of the highlighting features as it is exclusively designed for the most comfortable and longer sitting time. The strategically placed air-pockets in the foam creates a perfect balance between firm and soft seat; offering you impeccable comfort and support. The Cold Cured Foam is firmer than regular foam and always keeps its shape for years together.
    Being the most expensive material available, very few chairs manufacturers such as Cybeart offer cold cure foam seats.

    Neck Pillow/Memory Foam Pillow

    The neck pillow helps maintain the posture by avoiding stress in the neck region. As most people sit with the head away from the backrest, memory foam fills that gap and provides ample support to the head.


    4D PU Padded Adjustable Armrest

    The premium PU leather padding on the 4-dimensional adjustable armrests gives Cybeart gaming chair a luxurious feel. Designed with grooves that will embrace your elbows and provide perfect arm support, the armrests on this gaming chair are an often overlooked but very important detail. 

    4D armrests have versatile adjustability of moving up, down, left, right, forward, back, turned in and out. Keeping your arms in the right position is a critical design feature, one that will help support your back by promoting proper alignment and facilitating good ergonomics. The wide range of adjustments makes it easy to find the perfect position for any body type.


    Inbuilt Adjustable Lumbar Support

    An ideal good posture means sitting with a healthy curve in the lower back in a neutral position. The inbuilt adjustable lumbar support takes care of the lower back curve of the body. Unlike the lumbar pillows that slides off every time a person gets up from the chair, the inbuilt lumbar supports stays steady and helps to keep the spine in its natural alignment.


    Multi Tilt Mechanism

    The feature that separates gaming chairs from office chairs is the multi-tilt mechanism. When you add a back-rest that can recline up to 165° and a seat that can tilt up to 30°, you get a gaming chair that facilitates legendary levels of relaxation. With the help of multi-tilt mechanism, the gaming chairs can be locked at a preferred angle or can also act like a rocking chair.


    Heavy-Duty Wheel Base and Hydraulics

    The heavy-duty wheel base is often overlooked but a key feature in any chair. The moment a chair’s seat is tilted, the back reclined, rocking function is enabled or height adjustment is done, most of the weight load comes down to the wheelbase and tilt mechanism. If the wheelbase is not strong enough, that might lead to a chair moving, breaking and/or a person falling off while performing any adjustment.


    Cybeart uses ADC #12 Reinforced Wheelbase and a Class 4 Heavy Duty Hydraulics for height adjustment - the best ones available and safety certified by the world’s top established industry standards. 



    If you were to ask either gamers or office workers if they find their gaming chairs worth buying, the answer would be an overwhelming yes. Why? There's more to their popularity than their flashy colours and striking designs. It all comes down to comfort.

    COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize the importance of having a good ergonomic chair to work long hours without worrying about getting back pain. Factoring all the benefits mentioned above,, gaming chairs have an upper hand when compared to office chairs. Hence, gaming chairs are definitely an investment worthy commodity.

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    Cybeart Work from Home sale gaming chairs

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